No Haven for Fascists 1.9.21Veterans for Peace Rally 1.8.21Memorial to Enslaved Laborers Additions 1.19.21Justice for Xzavier Hill 2.9.21South First Street Groundbreaking 3.7.21Gov. Northam visits Venable Elementary School 3.11.21Truth Farm 4.10.21BLM Noise Demonstration 4.19.21Marijuana Bill Signing 4.21.21Maria Chavalan Sut 4.26.21Jennifer McClellan 4.26.21HB1980 Signing 5.5.21Justice 4 Palestine March 5.20.21Monument Walk 5.31.21Democratic Primary Night 6.8.21BLM 757 March 7.1.21Kulture Vibez Grand Opening 7.2.21New City Park Ribbon Cutting 7.8.21Monuments Taken Down 7.10.21Gun Rally 7.21.21Anti- Anti-CRT Rally 8.12.21UVA Coronavirus Research 9.21.21Youth Climate Strike 9.24.21Glen Youngkin 9.24.21Free Book Bus 10.1.21The Legacy of Black Wall St. Screening 9.30.21Cultivate at Friendship Court 10.8.21McAuliffe Weekend Article 10.23.21 10.24.21Youngkin Rally 10.23.21Sines v Kessler Trial 10.28.21Election Night 11.2.21Chief Brackney Press Conference 11.9.21Charlottesville's Grand Illumination 2021Teacher Rally 12.6.21