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The Villa Diner

Ken Beachley and Jennifer Beachley - Owners, (Not Pictured) been in business 15 years, but at the new location for two.

Ken- “The biggest thing is to certainly make sure that our staff is aware of the symptoms of Coronavirus. That any coughing and sneezing, any fever, any symptoms at all they’ll let us know immediately."

Ken- "We’re always washing our hands as it is, I mean it’s a restaurant, but we’re certainly encouraging that more directly and making sure we’re using sanitizer when possible. Sanitizer is difficult to get your hands on right now. We’re going to be making it, we’ve got a recipe for making it now."

Jennifer- "In addition to that we’re doing things like having our sanitizer that we use and have always used in the restaurant, a mixture of bleach and water to do tables, were doing doors where there’s a lot of grabbing.

Ken- “It's a new world. We’re doing our best, we’re following the CDC and Virginia Health Department regulations and we’re just really grateful people are coming out."

Ken- "We’re doing about half of what we normally do, but we’re very very fortunate that we have such a huge local clientele."

Jen- "We serve comfort food which is really a good thing right now because people need a lot of comforting."

Ken- "I’m anticipating an even bigger slow down as we go forward. I’m calculating about half our usual sales as a forecast. It’s certainly going to affect employment and a lot of other things. We’re gearing up for some difficulties and challenges."

Melissa Brown, General Manager Greenberry’s (pictured)

"It’s been much slower, steady, but slower."
We’re actually closing at 6 o’clock in the evenings. Making sure that everything, countertops, table tops, chairs, handles, everything is sanitized well on top of of course hand washing and using gloves and so forth.

"It’s been slower, but it’s been steady, so unfortunately as people get scared more and more… we’ll see."